LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

We have successfully completed a number of LEED projects and continually look to LEED standards as a path for future scope/code revisions, upcoming industry innovations, and future project/material forecasting. More importantly, LEED was developed and implemented to bring attention to the fact that our infrastructure can be designed, built, maintained, and utilized in ways that are eco-friendly and sustainable for years to come. Utilizing LEED ideas and concepts will prove rich in opportunity for the future of construction and its impact in and on our planet. We strive to work in a safe and harmonious environment with others and our world, all while meeting customer needs.

Mackin & Little LEED Projects:

  • Davenport Grand Hotel
  • Davenport Signature Hotel
  • Convention Center Expansion
  • GU Woldson Center
  • GU Herak Hall
  • GU Hemmingson Hall
  • Spokane County RWRF
  • Waste Management
  • SCC/SFCC Projects
  • Saranac Building
  • FAFB SERE Facility
  • Ridpath Hotel
  • Spokane Public Radio