The LEAN construction practice method is conceived in the idea that came from an understanding that conventional construction methods are constant and have been relatively unchanged in modern times. LEAN delivery strives change this antiquated process by reducing waste, deleting excessive/unnecessary work, building an honest and competent team (owner, design team, trade partner), and increasing efficiency/safety procedures on every job site. When this approach is utilized, we can provide a more streamlined end result. In using this method, the intent is to accelerate the project schedule and reduce overall building costs for all team members involved from design to inception. LEAN culture needs to be fostered both in the office and in the field in order to make it effective. A LEAN jobsite and office are more safe, more effective, and create a more productive environment.

Some of Mackin & Little’s LEAN Projects:

  • Spokane Behavioral Health
  • Providence Medical Park
  • Holy Family Hospital
  • Kootenai Medical Center
  • Kootenai Surgery Expansion
  • Kootenai Emergency Department
  • Avista Parking Garage