Design-build is a project delivery method, where we work directly with the project owner and selected design team to provide building design and construction services to initiate, build, and complete a total project or series of phased projects. We work closely with the project owner and design teams from the beginning to the end of a project. Our end goal in design-build projects is to maintain and deliver a unique and cost-effective end product. The design-build approach is one of the most tried and true delivery methods of construction in the country.

Design Build Benefits:

  • Construction Can Commence Faster
  • Reduction of Project Completion Time
  • Estimation of Cost to be Incurred Before Inception
  • Less Unexpected Costs Incurred During Construction (Change Orders)
  • Closer Communication/Coordination Between Contractor/Owner
  • Potential for Reduction in Overall Costs on Project
  • Increases Chance of On-Time and On-Budget Completion